Monday, December 28, 2009

My Anniversary and A Homophobic Reminder That We Are Not Equal

We live three doors down from my adopted mother. My partner helps me attend to many of my mother's needs.

SCENE: On my way out of town to take my adopted mother to my Aunt's funeral, we had the following conversation:

ME:  (happy) You know Mom, today is my 15th anniversary.

MOM:  (sounding shocked)To who?

ME:  (deadpan) You know!  15 years drug free....What do you mean to who?! Who do you think???

MOM:  (agitated) Well, I don't count and keep track of how many years it's been.

ME:  (sarcastic) Well, that's obvious! Because apparently you can't keep track of who I'm with either!


3 comments: said...

LOL parents.

sheesh. lol

happy new year!!

...and anniversary (again):)

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dandelionpicker said...

Ok for some reason this post JUST showed up in my reader! Sorry I'm late but Happy Anniversary!