Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello This is Cancer Calling

I have a tendency to read random blogs. Once I find one that strikes a familiar cord, I stick with it. These people, even though some I have never met, wind up becoming more than just a blog to me. They become, dare I say, friends? That is how it feels to me anyway. I read the goings on in their life; follow their joys and their sorrows, friend them on Facebook and well, they become a very real part of my life. And so it was with one particular 'friend' whom I have followed her and her partner since 2005. Chef Tina, as I came to know her, has been diagnosed with cancer. It has only been a few short months since she lost her own mother to the Big C as well. You can read her story here:
Her out of pocket expenses are insane and I know times are tough thanks to this economy but, if anyone out there is blog land has anything extra to spare, please click on this link below. It's so sad that in a country as rich as America, people are charged these insane amounts.