Friday, February 20, 2009


It looks like the saga of Batman and Robin verses the Tampa Police Department may be over, for now at least. Batman was in court on Monday to face charges of wearing a mask in public and guess what? He won! That's right. There is justice after all. The Judge agreed that wearing a mask to promote a club and eating sushi on the public streets is not a crime. Who knew? Apparently everyone but the police officer who made the arrest. (How I wish I had his name because I would certainly publish it.) The judge also ordered the police to return the mask to Batman. Not that he didn't have others but frankly that's not the point. They shouldn't have taken it in the first place.

To recap, Batman and Robin were not fleeing or commiting any crimes. "Law enforcement approached and detained Batman who was sitting on the curb eating sushi and wearing the "traditional" Batman apparel, complete with cape and partial mask. His attorney's motion to dismiss states. "It was a dark day for the Dark Knight, as he was subsequently placed under arrest for wearing a hood on a public street."

During an interview on Bay News 9, Batma said a sergeant in Ybor City had an issue with his costume and caused him to land _ Pow! Zap! _ in the slammer. The sergeant, Batman said, had previously advised him to unmask himself and told a fellow officer to arrest him.

"They actually didn't let me finish my sushi,'' Batman said.

Batman and Robin at the time of Batman's arrest, were being paid to promote a club called Level Three in Ybor. Fearing runins with the police who seem to frequent 7th Av more than most streets, now can be found promoting The Castle.

Yesterday, they were interviewed on 102.5 The Bone radio station. It doesn't take long to listen to know that these guys are there to have fun. But make no mistake. They're far from stupid. When asked if they would once again take to the streets Batman replied, " I wouldn't want a bag of cocaine to suddenly fall at my feet." POW! ZAP!!

All I can say is HOLY DEFENSE BATMAN!!!