Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today I received an email with a list of gift items wanted for someone's birthday. I hate it! I don't see how anyone has the balls to send out a list on someone's behalf with a note attached that reads: This is what so and so told me they want for their birthday. Well, bully for them! What ever happened to being thrilled that someone thought enough of you to buy you something in the first place and graciously accept whatever it is? I am always amazed at how self centered people have become. Is it me? Am I the only one out here that feels the same way? Everyone wants high ticket items but, get real. Times are tough. Besides, I don't want to buy 99% of the crap on the list.


Jess said...

That bothers me too! I say get them a gift card.

Tina-cious.com said...

:::quietly tiptoeing away to remove the wishlist off her blog::::

Darlene said...

Thanks Jess. Actually, we had already bought them a gift that wasn't on the list. :sigh::

And Tina, posting a wish list is not the same as sending it out to all your friends and family a week before your birthday. lol You crack me up. ;~D