Thursday, October 30, 2008


As this election starts to come to a close, there's one thing that sticks out more than anything. And that is you almost can't watch the news channels, listen to the ads, or even pay to much attention to the debates since they are controlled rigidly by the news media. What you have to do is get out to see a candidate when he comes to your area. History always repeats itself. Before television, Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson, had to campaign directly to the people for the most part. Yes there were newspapers but, sometimes the news was weeks old before the people actually received it. But, in my opinion, we really need to go back to those days if we want to hear what a candidate is really saying because it's not only the words he/she uses but his/her posture and demeanor.

This election has certainly been the poster child for how an election SHOULDN'T BE CONDUCTED. Outright lies, distortions and negatism by the Republicans has been beyond shameful. It certainly cannot bolster or entice democracy around the world. Watching rallies where masses are gathered and someone shouting 'kill him', why it's a dictator's worst nightmare.

Former President Clinton recently said, " We have to elect a President who will rebuild the American dream, repair a badly shattered financial system, and restore American's standing in the world. And that's the job. Every four years when the American people elect a President they not only vote for a person, they say what they believe the job is. That IS the job. And this country is in a mess. Almost no new jobs, incomes declining, health care cost is doubled, college cost up 75 %, credit card debt going through the roof, home mortgages cratering, home values cratering, the price of gasoline, food and utilities going up. And look at the mess that we have in our finacial system. Compare that to what happened before. It wasn't like this... This is not accidental folks. You know, where I grew up in Arkansas we had a saying that, if you find a turtle on a fence post, chances are it didn't get there by accident. It did not have to be this way. It matters who the President is, it matters what the decisions are, it matters what the policies are...."

And to my way of thinking, the choice should be clear. Barack Obama is the only candidate that can effect changes that will correct the wrong decisions made these past eight years.