Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Tonight's debate shows one thing. It shows that McCain shamelessly stands behind the hideous and disgusting slurs that he and his running mate Sara Palin have become known for at their rallies. What is more incredulous is that they would have the audacity to expect an apology from Senator Obama all the while standing by their actions and those that brought their rallies to the attention of the news media. If anything costs McCain the election, he need only read this to know why. The American people are tired of slur politics. A president should always take the high road of a gentleman and a leader. A road he apparently doesn't have the tact to walk.

And Senator Obama, I wish you would have been less of a gentleman. It's one thing for a bully to kick dirt in your face and ignore it. But when that same bully has the nerve to come back with the beach patrol and ask YOU to apologize for having your face in the way of his foot.....well I say, GET HIM!!!

What Obama should have said:

John, no one likes to raise taxes but, thanks to this war that your administration started, we don't have any choices. I am just not going to raise it on the working people and small businesses of this country. And John, for you to say you aren't going to raise taxes makes me wonder if you're going to pay for the entire war out of your wife's purse.

John, no one cares if your feelings are hurt. You sit here with that snarky smile and thug glint in your eyes when you know you deliberately allowed my middle name to be mocked in a deragatory way, my religion deliberately misstated, and my very life threatened without so much as a peep from you or your running mate. And now you want to ask me to apologize for responding to those slurs? It's true you do have the balls of a Maverick. Unfortunately you don't have the clear mind and eyesight cause it's not going to happen. The news channels have done nothing but show your running mate's silence as well as that of your own during those rallies. I'm sure there were many decent people at your rallies and I hope every one of them wised up and left when they saw the extent to how low the McCain/Palin team will sink.

John, I didn't have to run against the Bush administration four years ago. I'm doing it now thanks to you.

John, I don't have to take on my party. That was your job since you were busy supporting your own party.

John, if I wanted you to speak for me at this debate, I would have paid you to be my stand in. Since I didn't, let me be perfectly clear. I AM GOING TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

That is all.


dandelionpicker said...

He definitely should have said that! I think that's probably what he was thinking as McCain was going on and on...Obama was laughing cause that's all he could was just funny! I actually laughed out loud a few times too.

Well, our boy's doing a real nice job out there :) I can't wait to see him become our next president! said...

Imagine if he did though? They'd be all over his ass.

You DO realize that the democrats are held to a MUCH HIGHER standard than republicans are.

Eva said...


and i'm kinda sorta with tina... open minded people who accept different ideas/cultures/people need to take a much higher road than other, more close minded people...

we all gotta learn to turn the other cheek a lot earlier in life, unless we want a mob to come beat us down...

Jess said...

Amen! I saw him on Letterman last night and he tried hard to be funny.

BTW I tagged you over at my blog! You're it!

Darlene said...

Thanks guys.

And Eva.....PEEHONK!!