Wednesday, May 14, 2008

She lied. It IS about the IQ

I'm blogging about this per Tina of Tina-cious. She asked me today if I had ever been hypnotized. Now my answer, I am almost certain, is no where NEARLY as interesting as why she wanted to know.

Once upon a time, in my early twenties, for extra money, I use to clean the office of a woman who was a psychologist I'll call Sue. One day we were talking about hypnosis and she said she could hypnotize me to stop smoking or get over my fear of snakes. I said I didn't want to stop smoking and I think having a fear of snakes is a good thing but, I would like to eat less. I also mentioned that I had always heard that it depended on your IQ whether or not you could be put under. She said that wasn't so and it had more to do with trust than anything and for me to come with her and try it. So we go to her office and she has me lie down. I really didn't feel hypnotized or relaxed or anything. I remember most of the process. Thing she was saying to relax me, etc. She said before she started that she was going to give me a post hypnotic suggestion. She said I wouldn't remember what we had talked about but whenever I heard the phone or a doorbell ring I would remember her words. Okay, so her client arrives and rings the doorbell. She goes to get the door. Meanwhile, I sit up and think, "Hmmm, if I only eat half of what is on my plate I wil feel full but, if I eat more than half, I will feel sick. " And being me, I figured I was finished for the day, she had a client, and so I got up and left.

Some how I made it to another psychologist's place on the other side of town that I also worked for. I remember seeing that she was on the telephone. Apparently she asked me how I felt and I mentioned I was terribly tired. She told me to go in her office and lie down. It gets real muddy after that. I lost about two hours in there somewhere. What apparently happened, or so I was told afterwards, is that I walked out in mid trance. In other words, Sue hadn't woke me up. (Pretty amazing considering I operated a motor vehicle with no moving violations and with absolutely no memory of doing so. Kind of like when I've been drunk.) She was frantic trying to find me when she came back in and saw that I was gone. She even called Chris to see if I had showed up there and was on the phone with her when I walked in. When I regained my mind, Sue and Chris were both there and like I said, about an hour and fortyfive minutes had passed. It was creepy to say the least.

That night at home, I cooked dinner and sat down to eat. Apparently Sue must have asked me what time I normally ate because the phone rang about that time. It was Sue checking on me. Yet, I had that whole thought about the eating only half go through my mind. So, I go back to my plate, look at it and increase the portions.

The following week, I'm over at Sue's again and she asks me how it is going. I tell her things are going great but, I sure am tired of wasting so much food. She asks what I'm talking about and I said, I "remember" you said I could only eat half of what is on my plate so, I've been putting double helpings on my plate. She looks at me and says, "Wow! You're a lot smarter than I gave you credit for." ::growl::

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ROFLMAO... I love this story. LOLOL

I wanna get hypnotized!!