Tuesday, May 20, 2008


On Tuesday, May 16th, I went online to the Sears website and filled out a service for repair request on my Frigidaire Refrigerator. I chose to have them come that Friday between one and five o'clock. I gave them my credit card number to hold the appointment knowing there would be a service charge of $65.00. I also listed my cell phone as my contact number. On Thursday night, while my cell phone was in a locker at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, they left two automated messages. While I only received half of the message, it sounded like they said, "to reschedule call...." Which I didn't want to reschedule so I didn't call.

Friday comes and Lori and I pull out the refrigerator, find all the missing cat toys and dog chewies and give the floor a thorough cleaning. We stayed home all day. At four o'clock I saw on my cell phone that I had missed a call. I have it on no ring unless I know the person but I had programmed the Sears number. I checked the messages and guess what? It was an automated message from Sears from a different number saying they were canceling my appointment because they were unable to reach me for confirmation.

I called the original number I had for Sears and got some foreign sounding woman who at first told me she couldn't find my service request ANYWHERE in their system. (Riiiight. I just made it all up sweet lips, and I'm really callin because it's Friday night and I'm lonely.) There was a lot of yelling on my part and I think I did call her stupid somewhere in all that but, that is beside the point. Turns out they were calling a phone number that I haven't had in over thirteen years so I think the title fits! Gee, do you think that is why there was no confirmation?! Why didn't you call the number I gave you? Oh, I see, you assigned it as an alternative number. Sheesh. After trying her best to get ANOTHER phone number out of me with no success, she gave up and gave me ANOTHER appointment which was for today between one and five. ( I refuse to give a home number so Sears can sell it to all their little telemarketer friends.)

Flash to today. The tech calls that he is on his way. I think from Russia since that is the accent I detected. Two men arrive. One American and the 'other' guy. I only mention this because the 'other' guy was funny. They started to take the freezer apart to hear the noise I said it made. Of course it never made the noise while they were here and didn't make the noise all day BEFORE they got here. Heck, it still hasn't made the noise but, I digress. The 'other' guy goes to the truck to get another fan blade to try. I don't know why he did that because the blade was circulating just fine. He even oiled it. While he was gone, Michael starts saying he is thinking that something was shoved to the back and maybe pressed the backing which is thin, up against the fan and that was the sound I was hearing. Whatever. Enter Mr. Fix it and of course his little blade did nothing so he put mine back and determined it was the fan motor. "Is VERRY EXPENSIVE" he says. You can fix or not. Could last month could last three month. No way to tell. Your choice." Of course I ask how much and Michael with his super duper laptop (yea, a tech with a laptop; that should have been a sign!!) tells me he is looking that up. Are you setting down?

The part with tax cost $36.42 The labor with tax? $207.58 So the total is $244.00 NOt sure how they got these numbers but, I had to pay $69.55 today and I have to pay the difference of $174.45 when they come back FRIDAY to install it as they have to order the part. They wouldn't let me pay it today. Something that didn't start to bother me until Lori called. After an in depth inquiry, worthy enough to rival the Spanish Inquisition, she has decided to get the part HERSELF and try to put it in. ::sigh:: I can only imagine how much this is REALLY going to cost before it's over. Stay tuned.

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Sears is the devil.