Thursday, May 1, 2008


If this helps but one person like myself, then it is worth putting this out here. Due to the gastric bypass surgery, I have to take a B12 injection every month for the rest of my life. My doctor said that I could come and he would give it to me or he could write a script for me to do it myself rather than come in and plunk down a $20. co pay (while I have insurance). I chose the later so he said when it was time to come in and they would show me how to give myself an injection.

So I called the office a couple of weeks ago in case I needed an appointment to be shown. The girl (sorry I didn't get her name) put me hold to ask, came back and said no, I didn't need an appointment. To just come in one morning, go through the side door where they check people out and let them know why I was there. She did ask when I thought I would be coming in and I said the first. She said great.

I get there this morning around nine and do exactly like I was told. The woman calls to the back for a nurse or whatever they are these days. Some girl I've seen a gazillion times, comes up and without cracking a smile or saying how are you proceeds, when told by the woman what is needed, that she can't do it. That I will have to sign in and pay my copayment. I repeated that I had been told that. She says, "Well, if you are getting an actual injection then you need to pay." I said, "Well, if I'm going to pay a copayment then, you are going to use YOUR syringe and YOUR B12, not mine." To which the little heifer turns around and leaves. The woman then looks to see if there are any openings in the schedule as I lay my co-pay on the counter. She tells me my doctor's schedule is full. I said I don't need to see him; any first available other than one particular person (who I won't name) is fine with me. Meanwhile the pasty faced biotch with the dyed jet black hair had started to snicker when the little twat from the back had come up. (I'm thinking it was her that gave me the bum advice to begin with but whatever.) The woman says they don't have anything till eleven and did I want to come back. I'm like, no, I live _______ and that is to far to home and back up here again. She then says that all she has left is _____(the one I don't like.) I reached down, picked up my twenty and said, I'll tell you what, if that is all you have then, I'll figure it out myself. Have a nice day.

So I came home and found this on line:

Not completely sure though, I called my friend Nicole and asked if she would show me. Nicole had the same surgery over a year ago and she now gives them to herself. She agreed, so off we went to her house. When we arrived, I showed her my needles She said that after I loose some of the weight, I can get the smaller needles but for now I will have to use these long ones. Well, I'm here to tell you that it is hard to jab yourself with a long needle. (Obviously no one has to worry about me ever becoming a junky!) I couldn't for the life of me do it so, before Nicole could, Lori said she would. I closed my eyes about the time I saw Nicole turn her head and POW! Lori tossed it in like a dart. Oh yea! Thank goodness it didn't hurt. I was surprised. It was a long needle and it was all the way in. I was then able to complete the injection myself. Afterwards, Nicole jokingly said that Lori looked like Xena the Warrior. Lori on the other hand said she thought it would be hard to go in but it was like butter. Lovely. So I guess even my muscles are like Jell-O. Anyway, between Nicole's guidance and Lori's bravery, it got done. No thanks to the medical establishment that I trust to keep me healthy.

3 comments: said...

Good for you for taking your $20 and leaving.

I would SO be putting a call into my doctor about their stupid asses running the front desk.

Chef TinaMarie said...

I used to have to give Kat shots in the ass when we were trying to have a baby. I hated it.

I always felt like I was hurting her. Especially when I would hit the muscle and bruise her by accident.

Rain said...

"Meanwhile the pasty faced biotch with the dyed jet black hair had started to snicker when the little twat from the back had come up."