Thursday, November 5, 2009

What are friends for?

I don't blog as often as I'd like. I generally think about things I want to blog about right before bed and then of course by the time I wake up the next morning, I've completely forgotten about them. But not this time.

I'm a little upset today. The reason involves the older sister of a dear friend of mine. I have known my friend for over forty years. My friend, I'll call 'T' can't stand her sister and for good reason. The older sister was the favorite child of the two. You know the kind. In her parents eyes she is perfect but in reality she is trouble with a capital T. A good example; she use to sell pot. She hid it between the mattress and box-spring of my friend's bed. Her parents find the drugs and literally beat the crap out of my friend. Meanwhile, her sister who's dope it was, did nothing and said nothing. When my mother saw my friend and heard the story, she tried to intervene and speak to the parents. Their response? "She would NEVER do anything like sell pot! Now T would but, no sirree, we don't believe that story!"

Eventually her father passed away and T continued to live with her mother. She has held jobs, helped her mother out and been a constant in her life. Although extremely naive to the point of being labeled a simpleton, she is a good person. Her sister on the other hand moved on and never looked back. Never called her mother or came to visit whether it was her mother's birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving even though she lived right here in the city. Until she needed something. According to her mother, she has bled over $10,000 off of her in the last year alone. The mother fell in the back yard and fractured two vertebras and is now unable to work. T has worked and cared for her mother alone. Then the end of Sept of this year the sister shows up having no where to go. Claims she lived in her car and a homeless shelter; that she lost everything she owned; furniture clothes apartment. To the dismay of both T and her mother, she moved her butt in even though they told her they didn't have any place for her. It is still unclear whether she was fired or quit her job as an Orthodontist assistant. 'T's mother called and asked me if I would help get her daughter a job by letting her apply online so she could get her out of the house before 'T' killed her. I said sure even though I can't stand T's sister. She came over alright and it quickly became apparent that she has no computer knowledge, doesn't want any knowledge, and doesn't really want a job. It's also iffy whether or not she has her certification like she claimed as I can't find it online.

T called yesterday to vent about how sick she was of her sister being there and how they exchanged heated words and the sister had called her a dyke and a few other things. T had lost control and hit her in the nose. But that at least now the woman takes off before T gets home from work and stays out till T goes to bed. This pleased and tickled T to no end as she is not the kind of person to stand up for herself and she felt proud that she had for once. But, it still didn't have the desired response which was to get her to leave for good. T is also worried about her mother. The sister is working the mother's sympathies to the point that T's mother had given in and gave her $500 to help her pay her car insurance and get gas. That is $500 that her mother didn't have to spare. T pays the living expenses and her mother helps with the groceries. The sister signed up and is getting food stamps but uses it strictly for herself. Other than buying her own groceries, the sister contributes nothing to the household. T was speculating where she takes off to everyday.

Now comes the good part. I passed the heifer today on the way back from the grocery store. Even though I had fresh shrimp and ice cream in the car, my butt just had to turn around and follow her. I forgot to mention earlier that she actually called me and left a very hateful message on my voice mail a few weeks back because I didn't want to help her...said I was heartless. Coming from her, I had to hold it in to keep from peeing my pants with laughter when I heard it. So out of curiosity, I had to know where she was heading. As it turns out, you'd never guess. The liquor store. Where she went in and came out with a bag. I'm pretty sure it isn't coca cola she bought. Unfortunately, I couldn't follow her to her next destination due to the groceries but, I sure would like to know now myself, just where it is that she goes every day. I feel so sorry for T and her mother. For someone who has to beg money to pay for gas, I wonder how she could afford the booze? And more importantly, how do you get someone like that out of your house once they've planted roots?  I'm certainly not going to tell T what I saw. But still, this just confirms what I've always thought about that woman. That she is a selfish self-centered lying using leach.

3 comments: said...

OMG I fucking HATE people like that!

I'd change the locks. Seriously. I totally would.

Jess said...

Why won't you tell T? I would.
Just sayin.

Darlene said...

When I told her about the phone call she went straight in and confronted her sister in front of their mother and the sister being the liar she is, denied doing it. Which is how the name calling and fight started. I will find out for sure what the bitch is up to with with camcorder in hand, so that when I tell T and T confronts her and she denies it, T will have proof in her hand for their mother. If I tell T now, she will tip off the sister and she will be on guard. It's like the mother is the one with the wool being pulled over her eyes so I have to make sure I have proof.