Thursday, November 12, 2009


I received the following in the mail:

Dear Scientologist,

With the international Mecca of Scientology now under final construction, the imminent release of Super Power is more and more real with every coming day.

In fact, each floor of the new Flag building is under construction and moving rapidly to completion.

This forward progress marks the speed in which we will soon be clearing the planet-in fact, lightning speed with the fabulous 12 rundowns of Super Power.

The restoration of native state abilities for a thetan will guarantee that a team of beings of new levels, the Scientologists, will creat the new world here on Earth.

It is the suppporters of the Super Power Expansion Project that have made this advancement of our religion possible.

And it is for this reason that I ask you again to give a generous hand in forwarding the purpose of the release of Super Power.

With a contribution of $100, $250 or more you make a cleared planet a reality.

Thank you for your gifts and help to the betering of mankind.

Much love,


P.S. Please take this step now as your donation speeds this group to its final victory- a planet that can be free.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. If I could make this schit up, I'd be rich!! 


Jess said...

::speechless:: after laughing my ass off while reading it of course. said...

Holy crap.

existere said...

I can't even understand this. It's like poorly translated Japanese crazy shit.

I love it.

e said...

Did you send them money or your standard reply?


Darlene said...

LOL @ e...neither one. I forgot to publish the amounts they were asking for. I may do that next time as we all know there WILL BE a next time.