Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who said When it Rains it Pours?

The last few days have been fairly intense for us. So glad L took vacation days.

To begin with, my daughter-n-laws best friend, unbeknownst to anyone, as she kept it a secret, went into the hospital for surgery to have some growth on her neck removed. Turns out she has thyroid cancer and it had spread into her upper chest. They 'think' they got all the cells. Of course no one knows for sure. At first they said it was a stage two and she was given five to ten years. Now today they are not mentinoning time frames and talking more about her being young (32) and in good health otherwise and how she may, after chemo and radiation do well.  Whatever that means. Her mother, who just lost her mother in July to lung cancer basically collapsed and had to be taken from the hospital after being told she may have to bury her daughter in her life time. I am in shock at the way they were all first told personally as they said M's husband, likewise fell apart. The doctor must have come out there with guns ablazing is all I can figure out. They, just like my son and his wife, were high school sweethearts. In fact all four went to the same school and they are Godparents to my Grandson. Tough stuff. I'm hoping the doctor's are wrong and she will be okay.

Today we found out that someone crawled along side of or went under the Camaro we parked at my mother's house and sawed off the catalytic converter. In addition to that, they carved the words 'kill you' on the driver's side. I feel like leaving a sign on the door that reads: ' I may kill you first you piece of sh!t'.

Obviously that later had to be the work of someone who knew the car wasn't driven and that there was no one who would see the deed being done. All fingers point to the punk living behind her. He has had numerous scrapes with the law....very anti gay (left a condom on our doorknob once and then was dumb enough to video our reaction and show it to my son.)  Of course we had no reaction. Just opened the door, saw it, went and put a garden glove on and removed it. Eh...

Other than the above, I don't have any news. Which at this point is a blessing.
We carry on the basic of insurance on the car as no one drives it anywhere but, now it is over $500 to repair it because of the damage to the pipes as well. My hope is that it was taken to use on another car. My guess is it was a pos as the car ran jerky and most of the time stalled out. lol That is why we didn't sell it. That and the fact that it served a purpose of making it look like someone lived at my mother's house. Of course like I said, anyone who lives around in the area or passes the  house knows the car never moves. I really doubt you could get all that much for the part itself.

My mother's dog is still having seizures. Had a super bad one on Monday while I was at the cardiologist's office with her. Came back to find the poor thing laying sprawled out in her own waste and unable to move. Also crying her eyes out. I got it all cleaned up. She apparently tried to get up so much she bloodied her back feet which totally failed her. Carried her to the living room and then to the car for the trip to the vet. They are now saying she has what is equal to Parkinson's and Althemizer's in dogs. She's  a 13 years old German Shepard. She's been on steroids for months now  for what they originally diagnosed as a brain tumor. But it looks like it may have been this all along. Same kind of we've had to add pain meds and some kind of anti parkinson medicine.  Poor Mother would be lost without that dog. Not sure how that is going to play out in the end. Will most likely take our Blue Dobie down to live there if something happens as she will be a great watch dog for Mom and it would help the dog out as she is 8 years old and has artheritis. Becoming an inside dog would be like she died and went to heaven for her. She was inside here all last winter because of her artheritis and chewing of her feet to a bloody pulp and she got use to it REAL quick. lol


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Jesus Darlene.

I hardly know where to start.

I really, REALLY hope your DIL's BFF ends up recovering! How utterly sad.

What kind of fucking prick saws off pieces of people's cars???

And the story of your mom's dog made me well up.

Please put him down! Poor thing! :(