Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The State of My Existence

Listening to the news today, I went from being very happy and hopeful about the gay and lesbian marraiges to being enraged! Among some of the things I heard:

'You can't force a church to marry two people of the same sex. Churches operate under the protection of the constitution.' BULLY FOR THEM! I always thought the original constitution was written for the PEOPLE. Obviously I am wrong. Apparently some church in California refused to marry a couple so the couple sued them and won. CNN was real quick to add that THE ONLY reason they were successful with their law suit was because of the new law allowing these marraiges. 'But this could end ANY minute.'


Some comment about Gays and Lesbians who marry in California may find they could be prosecuted in their own states. What the heck is that about?! I briefly heard this on CNN. Unbelievable the extent some groups are going to, to keep these married people from going home and celebrating. Shhhhssh! Don't be loud!

I just don't understand how you can quote the BIBLE as a source that marraige is between a man and a woman and then base laws on that. There is no seperation of church dogma then from state law. I think laws should be enacted by the will of the populace and governed by the people in the form of THEIR chosen leaders. I don't believe that really happens in this country. I just can't believe there are that many haters out there.

I am happy for those who are getting married but, I don't have enough faith due to this homophobic planet, to think that any of this really matters. It will be stopped or over turned. And that is why I am peehonk angry!!!!!!! Does anyone see the injustice in all of this?


Jess said...

YES! we see the injustice.. I hope that the law doesn't get overturned. I don't think it will, but it's always a possibility.

I feel your anger.. I do.

Rain said...

It's sad to know that people hate us just because we love differently.
Real Christians don't preach hate.

Chef TinaMarie said...

Sadly, even though it's in our bill of rights... I don't think that we will ever see any justice with separation of church and state in our life time.

Rain said...

Uh, I think it's time for an update. :-)