Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just got back this afternoon from spending a week at Disney's All Star Music Resort in Orlando where we also took in the Flower and Garden Show at Epcot, Animal Kingdom and hit two different locations for carpet or miniture golf. The first was Fantasia Gardens near Disney's Boardwalk Resort and Winter Summerland Miniture golf park next to Disney's Blizzard Beach. I won at Fantasia but lost at the second one.

I took about 44 pictures...some of them videos I am going to try and get posted here by Tuesday. LOL Notice the word 'try'. I have to remember how to do that.

When we are at Epcot we stopped in and had lunch at Marrakesh in Morrocco since they upgraded and hired a new chef. Not many people knew that and it was so not crowded. Since I can't eat but a small amount of food, and it has to be pretty chewed, I went with the vegetable couscous and a mint tea. Very tasty.

Then on Friday, we went to Spoodles over at the Boardwalk Resort to celebrate my birthday once again. lol Hey! You can never celebrate to many times. Lori is having a tough time eating ALL that she orders and over half of mine. We shall see as the year rolls by, how she develops. HarHar

While we were gone, Dane did manage to get his picture in the paper. The club he hangs out in Ybor City held a costume party of sorts for Memorial Day. He put on a wig and outfit and did his thing.


Rain said...

I wish I could take a vacation and go to Florida.

Darlene said...

Come on down Rain! We'll put you up and take you to see the mouse. lol