Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekend so far.

The article begins, 'fall harvest has begun, the leaves are turning radiant colors, and the air is crisp'....yea right. Everywhere but in Florida. Today, it is 91 degrees and the trees are still green. Whateva!

Went to a great little restuarant last night on our way to Dane's show in Tarpon Springs. Actually, it was right around the corner from where the show was being performed. It was called 'Mama Maria's Greek Cuisine' and it was authentic Greek cuisine. We weren't looking for something super filling but, you know how you start scanning a menu and it all starts looking good? Well, that happened. Luckily for us we didn't have a lot of time to eat before we had to be over at the show so we settled on sandwich platters. Why did I think it was going to be a small platter with a sandwich and potatoes or chips or something and be over fast? They started by bringing us a basket of warm bread. Then a cup for each of us of Avgolemono Soup. It looked and tasted like a cream of chicken soup with chicken in it, Orzo pasta and lemon. Oh my goodness, I could have eaten twenty bowls of that stuff. To bad we only got a cup of it with the sandwich platters. I had the standard Gyro Platter which came with a choice of Greek oven potatoes, rice pilaf, vegetable, pasta or french fries. I ordered the Greek oven potatoes even though I didn't know what they were. I mean, I've never met a potato I didn't like so, I figured I'd be set and that they would be healtier for me than say, french fries. Well, turns out, they were huge!! I mean, I got like four halves the size of two baked potatoes cut in half!! So much for watching the carbs. Not that we were with the bread and beer but, I like to pretend that I'm trying to do what's right. They were so creamy it was like taking a bite of a mashed potatoe! Mmmmm. Of course we had to have some Greek Beer too. They only served Mythos which tasted like a Heinekin without the after taste. We each had two of those. (Oh, before I go on, I forgot to mention they bring this basket out with lots of bread BEFORE the meal?) Lori ordered the pork kabob platter. All I know is there was enough lamb and beef on my plate to feed three people. The same for Lori. We just looked at each other when it arrived. I mean, by that point, we had already put away one beer each, the soups, and what was equivalent to a small loaf of bread. My meat was piled on with red onions and huge slices of tomatoes, a small container of that sauce I love and of course the pita. But, it was wonderful. Desert for me was the standard Bakalava. I love that! Mmmmm. Lori ordered the Souvlaki platter which was marinated pork tenderloin -she gave me a few piddly pieces. It was very tasty but, I had pork the night before so, I wasn't that interested in it. Of course the real motivation behind that was, she wanted some of my lamb! Of course her sampling of my lamb in no way measured up to the two little pieces of pork I had received. I did have a lot but, I'm just sayin. For desert, Lori ordered.....Yalahtobouriko. I'm taking her word that is how it is spelled. We had to get the deserts to go because we were stuffed. The waitress even told her how to warm them up so that they would taste like they do when they first leave the oven. I didn't know what they were but, Lori said they were like a cream filled pastry. Figures, I don't like cream filled pastries. Hmmmm, think I was going to share the baklava later? No chance. lol We paid the waitress and got up to leave. The owner...and this has never happened to us before, ran out the door in front of groups of people to thank us. If I hadn't of counted the money three times I would think I had overpaid big time or something. lol Lori said probably any tip was more than they get since it is probably locals or family that comes in there. lol It was endearing to say the least. They also had live Greek music. (as opposed to dead. just kidding. Made me think of those queries posted by Tinacious and I could just hear her saying; "Why do they call it 'live music- is it better than dead music?)

We left for the show where we watched Dane's band perform. I'm always awe struck watching him play guitar. He plays riffs like Jimmy Hendrix and nobody can duplicate them. He rights the music as well as wonderful lyrics to all the music they play. He is awesome. He works a crowd and he makes everyone feel like they are special to him which they are. He told me once that success at a show to him meant gaining a new fan even if it was only one person. He dances all over the stage and will randomly solo in front of each person that comes to the edge of the stage to see him. His drummer is excellent too and is funny because he doesn't know the songs by name. He has them named by the way he hears the drums in his head. Like a song titled say, Monster would be Bumble Bee to him. So Dane and Josh have to recite the name of the song on stage and then one has to turn and to Alan and say the other name. Very odd. But, his singer....I should say well, not on the same level. I don't mean to sound unkind because he has improved quite a bit since the beginning when he really stunk. Now he is only off key about 80% of the time. Why is it noone notices?! It is to be sure, dreadful. Made only worse when he goes from singing a verse and then into screaming (or screatching is what I like to call it.)He does play the guitar very well. Eventually something will give. I'm hoping a REAL singer will come along and Josh can continue with the guitar and backup vocals. Over all it was a great show and they perfomed a new song which I really liked. I forget the name of it. I am bad with names so I won't attempt it. I'm still hoping he will perform his "There's a Beast in the Rose Garden" some day. It is not what you would call a metal song. He plays it slow on guitar and Dane actually sings it...on tune! Which, is surprising because Dane doesn't sing all that well but, he is 99% better than Josh. Dane also wrote the lyrics and music . I have the lyrics here for my blogs namesake:

There's a Beast in the Rose Garden,
and she's painting the moon red tonight.
With a distorted smile she starts to weep.
I can't help but dream of your screams..tonight.

There's a beast in the rose garden and she's
turning broken halos into glass again.

Have you ever looked into deception's eyes
Or tasted her apathetic kiss?
She's just a requiem for your happiness.

You're everything I hate
The thing I can't resist.
You're deception's kiss.

Violently and beautifully
She crawls through your window
to dissect your heart over
and over again.
All to well, she's done it all to well.
All to often. And all to swell.

Have you ever woken up to a distorted smile?
A nightmare ended through a violent beauty.
I can't help but make you laugh.
I can't help but make you cry.
With a dagger to your heart
She makes you laugh as you cry.
copyright,2007 by Dane Giddens/Adavera

Maybe he'll get around to performing it before I am to old to go and see it. lol Lori is not much into going because she hates the loudness of the music and the smoke in the bars. But, he is my son and I feel I have to be supportive. It is sad that the other two guys never have that kind of support.


Chef TinaMarie said...

Mmmmmm I love Avgolemono Soup!!! Wish we were in Tarpon eating a 5 course meal at Pappas!!!...Next time you make a trip there... you soooo have try them!

And the next time Kat and I make a trip to Fla to see family we should make plans to hook up!... We usually stay in Clearwater.

I used to live in Pinellas Park....Right off of US 19 back in 88'.....

Darl-licious said...

Yea, I have seen Pappas and that would have been my first choice if we had left earlier in the day

Absolutely, we shall definetly hook up when you guys come to Florida.

I remember you saying that about Clearwater once. Lori was living in Clearwater when we met. It's a small world after all. (I couldn't resist that bit of Disney. lol)