Monday, June 1, 2009

Wikipedia Vs Church of Scientology

I read an article today that states Wikipedia has had enough of the Church of Scientology and some of its critics. Apparently there are "edit wars -agressively adding or removing complimentary or disparaging material from articles related to Scientology."

The article stated that Wikipedia has literally banned people using the Church of Scientology's computers from changing any articles about Scientology. The site's administrators imposed the ban after concluding that church members have been making a "COORDINATED EFFORT" to "REPEATEDLY EDIT" Wikipeida entries to "GIVE A FAVORABLE SLANT" on the controversial religion. The site also banned a "handful" of church critics including the blocking of IP addresses for certain congressional offices. The site even temporarily blocked the Department of Justice, when Wikipeida editors stated they found abuses coming from IP addresses affiliated with those offices. This might explain why they get by with tactics of harassment that anyone else would be persecuted for and I do hope someone looks into this. If nothing else, just fire the perps for using government computers for their own misguided agenda on company time.

Still, it always amazes me how Scientologists as a group have nothing better to do than mount a "coordinated effort" to bomb articles that say anything about them they don't want to hear, blow up people's phones because they have a number that may or may not belong to the person they are calling, mail out mass quantities of unwanted junk mail and still call themselves a religion. Shouldn't they be praying to somebody instead of harassing the rest of us with their rhetoric? Oh that's right. This is a religion that doesn't pray or turn the other cheek. My bad!

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Man, they are batting a thousand those ones.