Monday, July 21, 2008

On the Home Front

Remember the refrigerator fiasco with Sears? Well, Lori decided while I was gone, to cut the plug off the old one and wire it to the new part and plug it in. It works. She swears she wrapped it with enough electric tape. I'm just sayin........Lord help me.

Moving on.....we decided to change out the pool liner. (The Dobermans tried to swim in it and ripped it. We have patched it so many times and it still has slow leaks. Plus it is aproximately 14 years old and very light blue.) Well, turns out the walls were rusted pretty bad and in one place almost a crack...need I say more? Yep, we are slowly building another pool here. Lori has worked on it for two days. Wish me luck. I'm not saying she isn't smart enough....I'm just saying, it takes a certain degree of skill. It remains to be seen if she possess this. I know one thing. I don't possess the patience to watch. My back yard looks like a missle testing site and we are arguing over the color of the frickin sand. She said it was black under the liner. Well, I watched the men pour the white sand in when it was built because it stops grass, etc from growing up through your liner. My guess was that the black dirt got washed under there because of the leaks in the liner. She's telling me the installers had to have used black dirt. Again, she wasn't here 16 plus years ago but, that doesn't seem to matter. I wonder if other people go through this? It so makes me look forward to family projects.Bahahahahahahaha


Jess said...

Oh God yes. Tina and I sat there all hot and sweaty, arguing about whether the window air conditioner for our bedroom existed in the house before I moved in (my argument) or if we bought it together (her argument).

Feel good now that you know you're perfectly normal?

LOL said...


You're killing me. lol said...

For the record - we bought it together. :D